Veterans Say

I truly believe, that without the help and support of the Idaho Veterans Network,  I would either be in prison or a homeless drunk. I have started seeing my kids again, I really look forward to Thursday night. In fact my parents wanted to take me out to a birthday dinner on this Thursday the 31st , and I told them nope, got group on Thursday. So now we’re going to dinner on Wednesday.  The camaraderie that is amongst the IVN members is top notch. I really enjoy the stuff we do outside of group too, attending the local car shows and talking to people to get the IVN name out and the same with going to Mayhem Fest.   In the end I cannot express my thanks and gratitude to the Idaho Veterans Network for all that they have done for me.



My first time at the Thursday night meeting I felt like I was among my brothers from the Army. Supporting Veterans is what IVN is about, and that’s

exactly what they do. The peer to peer group we have is such a HUGE help.Going  has definitely helped me improve myself because I talk to veterans that HAVE been there. IVN has motivated me to get out of the house and become more social. They have given me mental and emotional support along with guidance to get me on the right path to become successful.

I have helped with car shows, other veterans move households and in return I get to not just go to a group, but, I get to go learn to fly fish, and enjoy things that I used to enjoy before I joined the Army and deployed and its with people I can say I trust and get along with. IVN is by far the best resource that I have ever been involved with. There is not enough words to thank them for giving me my life back.